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      Company Information

          TaiDe Engineering Co., Ltd. of Jiangxi HI-TECH(AnHui) architecture design researcgh institute CO.,LTD to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, specializes in the production of viscose fiber process automation engineering and environmental management projects, engaged in various project consulting, preparation of project proposals, feasibility report, preliminary design, construction design, engineering, general contracting a cable sub-service, technology, construction, structural, electrical, plumbing, automation, HVAC, non-standard equipment, budget estimate and other professional and technical personnel.

      First, the company's main business conditions
           The company is mainly engaged in automation and control and environmental protection management work in the textile industry of viscose manufacturing viscose production line manufacturing process complexity, the material to be treated by the addition of acid, alkali, CS2 and other alkali cellulose extracted in the fiber, and then spray spun silk and silk physical and chemical treatment, the production process is very corrosive, certain section as well as anti-explosion, so automation requirements are particularly high, because the process characteristics is not easy to grasp, we developed JTDC-DCS automatic control system to provide advanced computer control system for production lines in the industry, to ensure effective production process control, safety, practical.

      Companies leading products JTDC-DCS control system has the following characteristics:
          1, JTDC-DCS control system to absorb the introduction of foreign (Swiss Maurer company MAUREA) advanced viscose staple fiber production technology and viscose staple fiber production technology and Jiangxi Textile Industrial Engineering Institute's own research combined with full use of the local process equipment (equipment for the domestic part of the process), innovative design has Jiangxi Textile Industrial Engineering Institute featuring artificial viscose staple fiber production technology and automatic control system (in 2006 the Ministry of Construction of outstanding design award / Wealthy projects). Production process using JTDC-DCS control systems, greatly improved the process stability and maneuverability, precise control of process parameters, while improving the quality of viscose, save labor, reduce the labor intensity of the operators and the improvement of the working environment .

          2, JTDC-DCS system Siemens latest software platform PCS 7 process control system for software development on this basis, so that the production of viscose truly realized the meter to control and electronic control, to achieve a new generation of three electricity integration control.

          3, JTDC-DCS system uses a high-performance large-capacity servers and operator stations, and AS (Automation System) controller, server, engineering station and operator station connected to the same Ethernet, for engineering, data and images high-speed transmission, to achieve a highly integrated concept.

          4, JTDC-DCS system is highly reliable dual system structure, AS controllers, servers, industrial Ethernet communication, fieldbus communications and systems and on-site power systems have dual redundant configuration to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system, reducing production accident.

          5, JTDC-DCS system AS, I / O module has a hot swap (during operation of the module insertion and removal), online expansion, modification, repair and replacement of hardware and software can be performed during operation without affecting production, eliminate parking accidents .

          6, JTDC-DCS system a high degree of modularity and scalability of the system to achieve optimal process at hand in order to adapt, if necessary, it can also be expanded in the future. JTDC-DCS control system to achieve the perfect network function, the control technology equipment to fully automatic operation, but also provide users with flexible application, the system can provide intelligent stepper run, intelligent manual operation, and other functionality.

          We advocate "cut, quality and efficient" self-discipline, follow the "service, innovation, standardization, understand" management philosophy, to promote "self-reliance, social commitment," the corporate culture, with high-tech-oriented, and constantly develop new technologies, new business, to provide customers with the most advanced technology, the lowest cost, highest efficiency and best service.

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